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Pilgrimage - Nov. 2007

to the Bahá'í World Centre

by Bryn and Sherna Deamer

Photos of our Pilgrimage to the Bahá'í World Centre in Haifa Israel
Enroute to Haifa, we also visited Petra in Jordan, and Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria in Egypt.

See also: Bahji, Bahji at Night, and General shots of Haifa.

New photos recieved added to the bottom:
Elizabeth McClean - added 12/04/2007

Left to right: Parvis Deamer, Sherna Deamer, Bonnie Hough (Sherna's sister) and Penny Deamer. Penny and Parvis are Bryn and Sherna's Niece and Nephew, daughter and son of Bryn's brother Tony Deamer in Vanuatu. They were serving in Haifa at the time we visited, and come to the airport to meet us and travel back to Haifa on the train with us.

Penny, Bryn and Parvis on the train back to Haifa

Marsha Lample who was our Piglrim Guide. Our Group of English speakers had 42 people and Marsha was with us on each of the group visits to explain the significance of the place we were visiting.

There were a surprising number of fellow piglrims who we knew because they had worked with us at some time or other in Haifa before, like us, leaving to live and serve elsewhere in the world.

One of the younger pilgrims - Maryam - the female half of twins, children of Claude and Jen Chingwe. We knew Claude and Jen from when they worked at the Bahá'i World Centre some years earlier.

Sherna taking photos. To her right holding the white bag is Peter Swinstead, and to her left, taking a photo, is Genevieve Swinstead who we also knew when they worked at the world Centre. This is just inside the new entrance to the Citadel coming from the east.

Some of the group we were with listening to Marsha prior to entering the grounds of the Citadel .

Jeanette and Don Brayton were another couple who served at the World Centre with us, and who had returned for pilgrimage with their daughter.

Parvis - Bryn's Nephew was/is serving in Security and was stationed at Bahji, so we saw a lot of him while he was on duty. Penny serves in the CMO working at the Seat, so I only managed to get one photo, but didn't realised that the moment I'd taken the photo she had turned around to heave a bag of rubbish into the dumpster.. Oh well.

Mae and Wolfgang Nieland have served at the World Centre for many years. This photo is taken in the Visitors centre at Bahji, but we also had a lovely breakfast with them at the Pottery restaurant on Carmel Beach on the Saturday morning of our Pilgrimage.

Another group of old and new friends. The three closest to Sherna are (R-L) Linda Bishop, Nell Golden (43 years at the World Centre!) and Barbara Taylor, and Martha Otto (who arrived after we left, and worked in the Library before being asked to put her multiple linguistic skills to use as a Pilgrim Guide) (Thanks to Michael Bernhard for correcting this entry!)

Jen and Claude Chingwe and their lovely kids Maryam and Justin, and also, Alan Keane from Ireland. Alan was not on Pilgrimage but had arrived to consult with the committee responsible for the Audio-visual set up for the upcoming 2008 International Convention.

Marsha Lample, our Pilgrim guide and Sherna on the Arc Path outside the Centre for the International Councillors.

The English speaking, group "B" on the steps of the Centre for the International Councillors.

Alan Keane, Sherna, Gloria Momen (still serving at the World Centre) and Bryn in front of the Shrine of the Báb on the last night of Pilgrimage.

We also caught up with some good Israeli friends. This is Sherna with Gadi, one of the two Terrace Guide supervisors that started work in 2001 when Sherna set up the Guided Tour operation. She, Gadi and Ofer, had a fantastic, exciting year setting up the whole operation, and incredibly both Gadi and Ofer have stayed on for five years.

Hilig Levi and his wife Shula also played a huge part in our lives in Haifa from about 1986 until we left. Hilig was a bus driver who would get us buses and drive us and our friends all over Israel, including the famous (infamous?) Four-Seas-Mad-Dash. We caught up with them at Carmel Beach on the Saturday of our Pilgrimage.

Also at Carmel Beach on the Saturday of our Pilgrimage we met one of the owners of the Pottery restaurant, which has a big place in our hearts right from the first months of our marriage in 1984.

Finally we stopped in to buy film and batteries from our favourite Camera store next to the Stella Maris Supersol. Over the years we spent thousands of shekels on film and developing with him as we filled our 15 albums of photos of 19 years in Haifa. It was really touching how pleased all these Israeli friends, plus a few other Restraunteers - at the Allenby, and at Maximes - were to see us again. Sherna even ran into one of our prior neighbours in the Merkaz who asked where we had been.

Elizabeth Maclean was another exstaff, fellow Pilgrim She just sent us this photo (12/04/07) taken at the Mansion of Mazraih.

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